Dewa Athena IX

Hello Folks!

I'm going to tell you guys about Dewa Athena. Dewa Athena is a kind of event in my school that usually known as sport event. it include a lot of sports and also games. This event takes place at Lapangan Bali and on 25 March 2017 and 1 April 2017. 

At first all of us gather at Lapangan Bali at seven o'clock, and we were told about the schedule of the event. and then we started the contest.

There's a lot of sports contest such as,

1. Gobak Sodor (Fot both boys and girls) 
I played on this game, its a kind of game where we need to pass our enemy without them touching us. my class X Science 3 went against X science 10, and.. we lost.

2. Football (For Both boys and girls).
I didn't participate on this one because i was too tired, the football for girls win at the first match but lost at the final match. we went against X Science 9 on the first match, and the final match with X Science 4.

3. Basketball (For boys only).
And so... my class lost the match. we went against X Science 5

4. Badminton (For boys and girls)
I didn't participate this match nor watch it, because this match happen while i was playing Gobak Sodor. all i know is we went against X Science 2 and we lost.

5. Volleyball (For both boys and girls)
I didn't played on this game since i was too afraid of it. And... WE WON!!!!!! this was the only match that our class won, and i'm kind of proud even though i didn't even take a part in it. we went against X Science 5.

6. Dodgeball (For both boys and girls).
I also didn't participate on this one for no reason, i just don't want to. hehe.
Unfortunately, our class lost. But still it's still fun even though i'm just watching it. And of course cheering for my friend. We went against X Science 6 for girls, and for boys X Science 9.

7. Marathon (For both boys and girls).
Our class lost. we went against X Science 6.

8. Tarik Tambang (For both boys and girls).
I participate on this one and its really fun. LIKE REALLY! it's like we try to pull the rope to our side so that the opponent will fall, kind of like that. and we lost anyway:). we went against X Social 2.

Fortunately, my class played all the games so we didn't need to pay the fine. Even though we lost like almost all of the game, we didn't care because all of us are having fun and enjoying the event anyway. It's still funny now to think all of things that happened on Dewa Athena.


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