School Leadership Training Announcement.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

Hello all!
We are from 3 senior highschool bandung.
I’m faza and I’m Anya
So now we are going to tell you an event that will be held on 3 senior highschool bandung.
This event will be held on 29th of september untill the 1st of october 2016.
This event was called LDKS or in enghlish we called it leadership training.
This event will take a place at Danrindam in Manado street, Bandung.
Thius event must be Attended by all opf the 10th grade of 3 senior highschool bandung.
This event purpose is to train the student leadership and make the student more responsible and dicipline.
And this event also teach student to be effective in using time.
I hope all the stundent join this event because it is very useful.
That’s all from both of us and thank you for watching this video.

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

here is the link for the video



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