Its me again! How are you? I hope all of you are fineJ. I want to tell about my experience in SMA NEGERI 3 BANDUNG event called ‘WTTF’ or World Tournament X Techno Festival. The event was held on 20th August 2016. WTTF was one of the event that OSIS made, it is to strengthen the bond between 32018 and 32019, and FYI I’m part of the 32019.

                  First, All of us gathered in the corridor, after that  the committee separate us to our own class and we should go against our senior in the competition! The committee give us a map that shows the clue to tell us which place we should go first, I kind of forget about the competition but I remember some and that is when we compete with the seniors by playing playstation and the result is the 32018 win, after that we went to Taman Musik in there we played ‘Juara 2’ sorry but I forgot who’s the winner, oh right! I forgot to tell you that everytime we win a game we would get a piece of puzzle that will be united later. And then where we have to make a replica of robot with cardboard and bottle and also when we went to lapbal to compete by playing Angry Bird and playstation. At the  peak of the event we 32019 and 32018 should go against the alien to get the piece of puzzle by throwing a water balloon to the alien! After that we 32018 collect all of the puzzle piece that we got and  make it to full puzzle, and the result is 32019 WIN!! I felt so happy and the others are too!

                   Even thought the event was so tiring, I think it was worth it and well 32019 win! I couldn’t ask for more.

Well Thats all from me,
see ya!


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