Well it’s me anya as always! Now, I would like to tell all of you who read this about SMA NEGERI 3 BANDUNG event that was called MEGANTARA, Megantara is a Culture Festival that was held on 10th September 2016 in Bali field. 

              At first me and my friend that weren’t the Megantara committee had to be at Bali field at 07.00 to join the parade with the student of kindergarten. All of  them look so cute while wearing animal costume and princess costume, while us the 10th grade was told to use kebaya and samping for girls, while boys use pangsi. We start the  parade from in from of the Bali field to Merdeka street then go back again to in front of the bali field. Me and my other friends was so exhausted because of the parade, so we decide to go back to SMA 3 then change our clothes and just take a break there. While im waiting for my friend from the other school I decide to follow my friend that will join the fashion show, they were being make up by my friend sister and they all look so cute! After I wait for a few hours or so my friend finally came and then we went to the bali field to Megantara.
              In Megantara we watched KAFE 3, and the fashion show I was hoping that our class win! but unfortunately our class didn’t win. But hey! Its okay, its not really important who wins anyway, because well at least all of us enjoyed the show right? After that me and my friend decide to browse around Megantara, we eat a lot of food and talk too its like we reunited right there and that was so fun! All of us are happy and thank god it did not rain.

               Unfortunately I went home earlier than any of my friend, I went home at 16.00. can you guys believe that? The show wasn’t even exactly ‘started’ but oh well, I can’t say no to my parents aren’t i?

That’s all from me and thank you for reading this!



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