Thank You


Hello! I feel like I haven’t update this blog for a long time, even if its only for a few days. So I’m gonna tell you guys about the person I’ve feel thankful for.

It is my bestfriend, Nisa. This accident happened a few days ago actually, it was Saturday when I played with my Junior Highschool friends because we missed each other, we went to a lot of places and one of them is Farmhouse.

It’s already around 3pm when we arrived at Farmhouse. But still, we enjoyed being there and take a photo here and there. After that one by one starts to went home because it’s already 5 pm. But, I haven’t went home because I don’t know who will pick me up, it’s kind of careless of me.

My parents were out of town, my brothers was still on his university and my sister was still on her university too.

It’s already 6 pm and I still didn’t know how to get home, so I kind telling her, Nisa, that I stuck at farmhouse and didn’t know how to get home. And she said that she will pick me up and send me home even though her house isn’t near farmhouse.

And in the end I went home with her becase she can drive a car. I feel really thankful for her and she really are the best even though sometimes we fought a lot, we still adore each other very much. As a friend, of course.

That's all from me, thank you for reading this.

p.s. For nisa, its not like im gonna tell you that i write about you but oh well, if you happen to read this just be grateful to me. 

p.s.s. don't be so confidence.


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