Hello People! i'm sure you all already know my name, well, now i want to write about my holiday, it's been awhile since the last time i had my holiday so i kind of excited to tell you all about it, well then, here you go.

It started from 24th of December and ended in 9th of January. First I went to Jakarta to visit my father family, it took 4 hour for my family and I to get to Jakarta because of the long traffic jam, after we arrived at Jakarta we visited my grandfather house and my cousins house. It was fun because four of my cousins were the same age as me so we talk a lot at that time. 

After that, my cousins and I went to the mall in Jakarta it was called, Central Park and Grand Indonesia, in there, we went to the karaoke, shopping (we bought food, shoes, clothes, etc), and a lot of other things. The rest of my family didn’t come because they were too tired, so only the youngsters that went to the mall.

By the time we’re done it was already dark outside, I think it was around 9 p.m or something. We went to my cousins house by bus because none of us could drove a car, my family and I stayed overnight in my cousins house but even if its already past midnight we still didn’t sleep, we talk a lot about anything and when we started to get sleepy we decided to sleep. 

All of us sleep in the living room because we thought that it will be fun and it was easier for us to talk that way. It was a fun and tiring day, all at once.

            On the second day, I woke up around five in the morning, I didn’t sleep that long but It was a nice sleep anyway. My mom told me to take a bath and ate, so I did. After that my cousins started to get ready too, it was around 11 a.m. when all of us had finished preparing our things and now, it was my cousins turn to visited Bandung. 

            It took a whole five hour for us to get to Bandung because of the traffic jam (as always), It was a little cramped inside the car because some of my cousins were in it too, but, it was still fun because my cousins told us a lot of jokes that was cringe-worthy but still funny nonetheless. 

            We arrived at my home at four p.m. because we’re all tired we decided to just bathe and sleep the sleepiness away, after we woke up, it’s already 7 p.m. we chit-chat for a bit and went back to sleep.

            On the third day, we went to TSB or usually known as Trans Studio Bandung. We arrived there at ten in the morning, actually it was just opened but there was a lot of people already. We waited for about 30 minutes to bought the ticket for TSB, after we got in we quickly run to the Giant Swing because it was one of our favorite rides. One of my cousins cried after she rode that, she was trembling so bad so I decided to comfort her but she seems embarrassed so she just laugh it off saying she was okay. 

            Then, we went to Jelajah and most of us got our clothes wet, we decided to dried it off by playing Dunia Raksasa, it was the most thrilling rides from my opinion. After that we went to the other rides like Marvel, Roller Coaster (in which I wanted to cried when I rode that), Bolang, Science Center, Vertigo (that’s made me feel really dizzy), Dragon Riders, Flying Pirates, we even went to Dunia Anak that was supposed for child only. Actually my cousins went to the haunted house but I didn’t come with them because I was too scared of ghost and my cousins mock me saying that I was a scaredy cat. We watched the parade that was so cool and amazing.

            The rest of the day went by quickly, actually, after we played at TSB i want to go to the other place but my cousins were already tired so we didn't go anywhere after playing at TSB. But, its not like i'm complaining anyway, even if we didn't go to other place, those three days was still the most fun and unforgettable day.


That's all from me, thank you for reading this.


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